A downloadable game for Windows and Linux

This game is fully playable but is an incomplete game. I could not finish what I wanted before the deadline, so this is a proof of concept.

Lenore is a member of the Science Club, and has physics as her passion. Using junk from an old factory, she assembled her own particle accelerator. 

One day, one of her experiments went terribly wrong: a lightning struck her lab adding an uncalculated amount of energy, creating a wormhole in the time continuum and sending her many years to the future.

However, the future is not what she would expect. All civilization is in ruins, and there are weird abominations wandering around. Now she has to kill them, find out what happened to the world and go back to her life.


What is implemented in this version: one level with animals to be defeated. You win when you clear the map.

There are many awful bugs.


AnotherTime.exe 94 MB
AnotherTime_Linux.x86_64 100 MB

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